a game about
this is a game
arrow_forwardabout doubt
arrow_forward(it doesn't have to be about doubt)
what are you doing? you cannot go back
give poppy your love?

are you sure? maybe poppy doesn't deserve your love. maybe you should find a real friend.

arrow_forwardi will still give poppy my love
arrow_forwardmaybe you're right...
arrow_forwardthat's okay.

poppy isn't sad. poppy is composed of bytes and pixels. your love might be better spent on flesh and blood humans.

arrow_forwardthis is true
arrow_forward(i regret my choice)

click on poppy 10 times

arrow_forwardi hope that made you feel good about yourself
then this game will be about certainty
arrow_forwardi am uncertain
arrow_forwardi have no doubt
that's okay, but perhaps then this should be a game about doubt
choose one. you cannot go back
choice1 choice2 choice3