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Vaporwave: The Eclectic Aesthetic

A vaporwave generator made using HTML Canvas 5 & some thoughts on Vaporwave

The 3-D Scene Zine

An explanation of core concepts in 3D Web Graphics

Argyle, Chicago

A photosphere of Argyle, Chicago. The mural shows a history of Uptown, Chicago, but what does it lack? What happened to the native population in Uptown? Why did Vietnamese immigrants move in to here? Argyle has been a source of comfort for me during my study: familiar in people and food, but it's not my home. In migration, how can we create new homes while displacing some?

a game about games

In browser questioning about virtual reality and technological immersion

Make it Neat!

VR game made for physical rehabilitation

Rhythm Slice

A Beat Saber Clone to practice arm range motion

Steak and Speed Date

Speed date some pugs and also practice back/forth hand motions.

Light Cyclers

In browser, multi-player co-op game like snake.

the pizza game

Winner of most artistic at HackRice 2017